2 More Exchanges Being Added for FRV!

10th May 2018

FRV Exchanges

Fitrova FRV is being added to 2 more exchanges: COSS and another!

Fitrova listed on 3 exchanges in less than 1 week out of ICO. Today, Fitrova has announced that they will also be listed on another 2 more exchanges! This is exciting news for investors allowing for a much wider outreach with more trade volume.

2 More Exchanges Being Added for FRV

We are pleased to formally announce that as of Thursday 17th May or sooner, the FRV token will be able to be traded on 2 more established cryptocurrency exchanges. Along with the exchanges Fitrova is currently listed on; Bancor, Sistemkoin and Token Store, the FRV token will now also be trading on COSS and CoinExchange.io. The addition of 2 more exchanges will provide a much wider outreach to investors from all over the globe whilst aiming at increasing overall daily volume.


Head of Marketing, Joe Lampton had this to say:

“People really don’t expect Fitrova to be flying so high, so quickly and are just amazed by how quick we’re being added to new exchanges.”, Joe Lampton, Head of Marketing


Exchange 1: COSS

COSS is an exchange based in Singapore that offers an easy trading exchange facility along with many great features to merchants using their platform. Merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments using POS and alternative payment gateways by utilizing an integrated cash flow system with instant conversions and complete transparency.

FRV will be trading on COSS with the following 2 pairs:


If your unfamiliar with COSS, please click here to visit the exchange.


Exchange 2: CoinExchange.io

CoinExchange.io is a dedicated exchange for alt-coins specifically. With average volume of around 6 Million each day, CoinExchange is gaining a lot of popularity in the market and is currently ranked No#85 on the top 100 volume exchanges listed on CoinMarketCap.

FRV will be trading on CoinExchange.io with the following 2 pairs:


If you’d like to visit the CoinExchange.io exchange, please click here.