What is Fitrova?

“Fitrova is Revolutionizing the Health & Fitness Industry by Harnessing Blockchain Technology”


Due to recent events and the nature of past actions including but not limited to targeted FUD, personal and group level sabotage, market manipulation attempts, non viable arbitration trading, exchange delistings and overall negative community sentiment, the Fitrova project has been temporarily suspended from further development. The Fitrova project will remain suspended until which time it becomes a viable option to re-explore the financial capacity of the project to recommence in the future.

The FRV Token

Fitrova Explained

The Fitrova (FRV) cryptocurrency is designed to primarily serve the Health & Fitness industry by way of providing a clear and concise payment system together with harnessing blockchain technology to maintain accurate billing and membership details aswell as logging user flow and sharing individual client goals and feedback amongst internally linked health & fitness clubs that are part of the branded network.

Latest FIBT Tech...

Fitrova Implemented Blockchain Technology (FIBT) allows health and fitness clubs to gain more control over day to practices. FIBT also provides added benefits through use of Smart Contracts.

Fitrova Token

ERC20 Token

Ethereum Network

Smart Contracts

Trackable Tokens

Global Payments

Secure Privacy

Fitrova will be at the heart of blockchain development in the Health and Fitness industry. As such, new and exciting blockchain applications, most of which have not yet been thought of, will eventually be developed over a greater timeline with the overall goal of providing a more seamless and robust systematic process.

Fitrova Cryptocurrency

Why Fitrova?

Fitrova Tokens have many advantages over the mainstream and being an ERC20 Token, FRV Tokens utilize the Ethereum network by being able to provide Trackable Tokens through Smart Contracts and Secure Privacy through a Global Payment System.

Fast & Inexpensive

100% Reliable

Accurate Client Records

Membership Logs & Timestamps

Download Whitepaper

Fitrova Whitepaper

Our whitepaper fully introduces the Fitrova concept, walks you through the benefits and advantages and explains in detail the problems with the health & fitness industry and provides the answers to how the Fitrova FRV Token is the solution.

Fitrova Whitepaper
FIBT Technology

Fitrova Benefits

Fitrova Benefits

Fast, Inexpensive & 100% Reliable

The FRV Token offers easy and effortless payments whilst avoiding expensive costs of blockchain transactions and data storage. Fitrova also delivers a sustainable network capable of delivering lighting fast transactions and the distribution of important client data.

Fitrova Implemented Blockchain Technology (FIBT)

This new innovation will allow health and fitness clubs to gain more control over day to practices and providing added benefits to club owners through use of smart contracts.

Fitrova Benefits
Fitrova Benefits

Secure Client Privacy

Holding client particulars such as DOB, Address and other related details about a person needs to be kept out of wrong hands and only shared with the appropriate health club that the client has given permission to directly. Fitrova secures private information about a client/member is now part of the integral blockchain network which secures against possible data breaches.

Accurate Client Records

Having an up-to-date record keeping system capable of documenting individual transactions within a secure business ledger is important for any health club to sustain its growth by not only retaining existing members but also acquiring new clients. As such membership information is now seamlessly fully integrated within the structured blockchain for precise record keeping and secured against any fraudulent transaction history.

Fitrova Benefits
Fitrova Benefits

Membership Logs & Timestamps

Logging each member’s visit with an accurate timestamp including the exact time and date he/she has accessed the health club along with which piece of equipment if any has been used will aid with tracking user flow and equipment negligence. Now each visit can now be fully tracked with an exact timestamp of entry/exit to the premises along with being able to trace the start time & duration of individual equipment use.

FRV Token Details

Token Details

Token: FRV
Decimal Places: 8
Total Supply: 32,000,000,000
Tokens Burned 24,411,351,760
Circulating Supply: 7,109,455,550
Project Protocol ERC20
Contract Address: 0x48df4e0296f908ceab0428a5182d19b31fc037d6
Token Verification: Verify Token
  • 33% Research & Development
  • 26% Marketing & Acquisitions
  • 16% Business Development
  • 14% Network Maintenance
  • 11% Team & Partners