ICO Complete - Token Burn & Supply Update

30th April 2018

Fitrova Burn

The Fitrova ICO has officially ended with a full token burn that has already been actioned.

The Fitrova ICO is now 100% complete and no new user registrations will be taken. A full FRV token burn has been completed which now sets the Fitrova token price at an all-time high.

Fitrova ICO Complete

Thank you to all our members and investors for your massive support as it is has been widely received and greatly appreciated. Without your help, Fitrova would have never been able to launch out the gates with the amount of true momentum we have under our stride.

As of May 1st, Fitrova FRV will be able to be actively traded on approved exchanges and by implementing our roadmap, we will be sure to deliver on our goals and investor expectations by attaining successful results.


CEO, Bryan Seiler made the following bold statement:

“Fitrova will be recognized as the industry leader and a top 10 Cryptocurrency by June 2019”, Bryan Seiler CEO


The Final Numbers

The original total FRV Token supply created was 32 billion. With the total amount of tokens sold and funds raised, this has equaled 24.4 billion tokens that have been subsequently burned.

Please click here to verify the token burn.


Original Total Supply: 32,000,000,000
Tokens Burned: 24,411,351,760
Circulating Supply: 7,588,648,240
 Market Cap: 3,650,165,604
 USD Exchange Price (May 1st): $0.48100340