Private Funding Secured - Fitrova Token Price Now Sits at $1.18

9th April 2018

Fitrova Token Price

Big news today for Fitrova investors as CEO Bryan Seiler announces that unexpected private funding has been secured to send the FRV token price skyrocketing.

Extra funding from a private investment group now puts Fitrova in a commanding position with the Fitrova project now proceeding ahead with a 100% guarantee.

What if Fitrova’s softcap isn’t reached? 

The question that many current and potential investors are asking is now fully answered and brings positive news to the forefront for anyone ‘sitting on the fence’ and wondering whether or not to invest in the Fitrova project.

Now that privatized funding has been secured on top of any token sales means that we can and will launch the Fitrova project with a 100% guarantee despite the total number of token sales during our ICO period. This eliminates any concerns for current investors with negative thoughts surrounding if Fitrova will launch and if not, will their funds be refunded.

Now that the Fitrova project will launch ahead as per our roadmap, means that all investors are encouraged to take part in the Fitrova ICO by buying FRV Tokens as there is now an absolute 0% (ZERO) chance of investors ‘losing money’.


“The doubt has been fully eliminated”, Bryan Seiler CEO


Will Fitrova really burn unsold tokens?

Yes. Any and all unsold FRV tokens will be burned and will not be distributed or sold. A coin burn is a way of quickly increasing the growth of the coin. Coin burning is actually called proof of burn. Proof of burn is a protocol used by various altcoins to reduce the current available supply, whereby a specific portion of coins in circulation is sent to a wallet no one has access to. This eliminates these coins from being spendable, although they will remain to be a part of all of the existing coins ever to be generated. Proof of Burn transactions are also recorded on the blockchain, providing proof that the coins would never be used to transact again.


“Fantastic news that our ICO Rounds will not be impacted”, Joe Lampton, Head of Marketing


What is the estimated token price when first listed on exchange and has it changed?

As of the current date 9th April 2018 if the Fitrova ICO were to fully complete and finalize, the newly amended FRV token price would sit at a staggering $1.1809! This revised price is of course calculated by the market-cap divided by the total ICO funds received.

This is great news for investors and provides huge upside by guaranteeing at least a 115x return on investment (ROI) for those who are interested to purchase FRV tokens at the current 45% ICO discount. This figure is calculated from the prior exchange goal price of 0.01018750 divided by the current exchange price if the FRV ticker was to be trading today.


“The potential of a 115x gain will definitely have new investors flooding in not wanting to miss out on the opportunity”, Joe Lampton, Head of Marketing


Does this mean that the ICO purchase price will also change?

It would be unfair to new investors joining the Fitrova ICO to increase the price of the FRV token ‘just because we can’. We are a professional organisation that looks to the long term and rather, we are needing to look after our current investors who have been with us since day 1.

Our guarantee to all our existing investors and to all newly acquired investors is that even-though our projections for the Fitrova FRV token has drastically changed, we will not be increasing the ICO price in any rounds. The ICO rounds and purchase prices will remain the exact same giving our investors a maximum return on their investment.

If you would like to take part in the Fitrova ICO, Click here.